By: Luckycharmkennel.com
Sandy is a gentle lady.  She enjoys nothing more than being held.  She has been a very attentive mom, attending to every squeak.  Sandy gets her name from her soft sand colored coat.  She is so proud of her litter of two males and two females that she had with Bully.  Her litter was born July 24th.
Buckeye has the Peter Pan syndrome.  He refuses to grow up.  Always clowning around.  He runs around and around the yard just to show off.   Buckeye is the athletic member of the family.  Trouble is--he seems to always be in training.  Buckeye comes to us from Ohio, and is the reason he is named "Buckeye".
Tweety is a mischief maker.  She gets herself into trouble every chance she gets.  She is very vocal and joins in our conversations often.  Tweety has a sturdy frame with a Koby body.  She is a real beauty.  Buckeye and Tweety are proud to announce thier first litter of 9.  Yep 9.  Eight females and one male.  All black except one little lone fawn female who enjoys the distinction of being the runt.  Tweety's litter was born August 8th.

Mommas and Poppas

Bully (Alien Agent Bullwrinkle) rules the roost here at Lucky Charm Kennel.  He is the proud father of Pugs all around the world.  He has a charming personality and loves to visit the refrigerator.  He is getting a little grey but he still enjoys the ladies.  His latest litter is with Sandy.  Two boys and two girls.   

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