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About Lucky Charm Kennel

We are the McDonald family.  We live in a large, five-bedroom, white brick house, with a flat roof, on Maplewood Drive in Spring, Texas.  I mention the flat roof because that is how everyone identifies our house in the neighborhood.  Our children are grown now, but that hasn’t seemed to slow the pace around here yet.


Craig is the dad of the household.  His occupation is a tile contractor down in Houston, but that doesn’t nearly describe his activities.  Besides taking care of the dogs and playing with them on a regular basis, he loves to cook.  His Cajun background from Louisiana makes his gumbos, etoufees, and fricassees to die for.  He is also a bread baker and a beer brewer.  There’s always a new project that he is working on, and I am proud to say that he finishes what he starts! Craig loves to cook for our dogs. He spends a lot of time in the kitchen developing and preparing yummy and nutritious products for them, a few of which we have begun to market to the public.





Dondee is the mum of the house. She teaches English up the road near Lake Conroe.  Dondee’s passion, other than her children and her dogs, is gardening.  Our back yard has over one hundred varieties of plants from tropical plumeria and bird of paradise to Norfolk pine to herbs to vegetables.  Dondee also loves to travel.  One of her more recent adventures was a long weekend in Hollywood with Craig. They took a quick tour of celebrity homes and enjoyed basking on the beaches, and driving along the Pacific.



Margaret lives with us also.  She is Kelly, Boone, and Janna’s grandmother.  Margaret moved in about 9 years ago from her hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She enjoys bird watching, going to church, and shopping the nearby mall.


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